First and foremost I am a woman “of a certain age” who has accumulated a very rich body of life experience
It is my passion to make that meaningful by bringing it into the service of others as they walk through
the many trials and tribulations we refer to as “Life” 

I am from a mixed cultural background and I have known the migration experience twice in my life.
Firstly, in 1957 when my family migrated from Athens to London.
Then again in 1967 when I left London and brought myself to Sydney.

 NSW, both metropolitan and rural, has been my home for almost half a century.
At various times, I have worked in Senior Management in the Corporate World and operated a successful, commercial farming enterprise.

I am a mother and grandmother; until recently also, a dedicated horsewoman and trainer.
My personal journey has known the joy of births, watching and nurturing babies develop into full grown, mature adults to find their own way through either more, or less complex routes.

Of course, there has also been the inevitable reality of aging and supporting loved ones passing from the living experience into a place beyond our knowing and as yet undefined.

It was roughly at the peak of my corporate career that I started to question the direction I was heading in.
As a result, I have devoted the best part of the last 30 years immersed in formal and informal study, as well as private research into matters that underpin the work that I do today.

Initially, I followed pathways through naturopathy, comparative religion and spirituality. This led me to look further and find various counselling approaches and finally the depth psychologies and the practice of analytical psychotherapy.

 I have been a practicing counsellor and psychotherapist for the last 30 years.

During this time it has been my very great privilege to work with all manner of people.

Each has brought his/her own unique expression of Life and Love
Also varying degrees of Success and Disappointment; Joy and Grief; Pride and Shame; Advantage and Challenge;
Whatever being human can encompass.

I have seen enough to say with confidence that each individual has within him/herself all the qualities they need to achieve the success, contentment and love we all wish for in our lives.

There is always hope, always a way forward. That way becomes clearer in a caring, respectful environment with space to grow within a safe containment.

 Recently, I came across a quote from RD Laing that really speaks to me. I would like to share it with you here:

 “Psychoanalysis is an obstinate attempt of two people
to recover the wholeness of being a human being in the relationship between them”

 If what you read here somehow resonates with you,
please give me the opportunity to join with you in building such a relationship.