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These are all separate areas of study and  differing modalities within the broader field of psychological and mental health.


In reality, it is not usually possible to separate each particular orientation within the course of a unique therapeutic relationship.

Each time I sit with an individual client, everything that I have ever learnt and known comes with me. In this sense, my approach may best be described as an integrative one.


It is as well to consider what each approach offers for your own specific situation and to gain an understanding of the process as a whole. However, each approach may be significant at any given moment and they all progress alongside of each other in a seamless fashion. 


LIFE COACHING provides a system of professional mentoring, in both business and personal areas of life where there is a desire to define new directions, unlock potential and achieve holistic goals. Such an approach addresses not only our material aspirations but also matters relating to psychological health and spirituality.

We aim to help people identify their goals, in accord with their own deep core values and to initiate action that cares for all aspects of their personal and collective life.

Whether career, family, relationship or personally motivated, professional coaching provides support, motivation and focus to bring desires outcomes into reality.

Even the most ambitious goals become a lot more achievable when people are consistently and effectively supported to sustain positive action in the direction of their realization.

Life Coaching sessions run for 50 minutes; they may be conducted weekly or fortnightly. Sessions are usually face to face but may be equally well addressed by telephone or internet contact.


COUNSELING through a professional but interpersonal relationship addresses the difficult, specific event circumstances that inevitably arise in individual lives. This may include issues relating to:

Injury and Chronic Illness

Employment Anxiety and Financial Challenge

Migration and Relocation

Maturing and Ageing

Grief, Loss and Separation

We aim to make sense of such challenges; to integrate them, bring meaning to their presence and finds new ways to overcome their impact.

Sessions are usually conducted weekly, usually 50 minutes duration and conducted face to face in the main. Some proportion of phone/internet contact may also be accommodated in certain circumstances. 


PSYCHOTHERAPY extends the scope of counseling to address the concerns of individuals who experience difficulty not in response to a single given situation, but also in a more general sense, permeating various aspects of their lives.


Psychotherapy aims to identify and address patterns of relating to ourselves and others that may be experienced as materially or psychologically painful or destructive.


Together, we unravel the roots of such destructive tendencies and find a level of understanding that transcends the destructive mode previously employed. Sometimes this is achieved simply in a conversational mode or else through careful examination in the light of related archetypal and mythological themes.


Deeper, underlying themes may become more apparent through sand play, as we consider dreaming, fantasy and imagination. 


Typically, weekly sessions will suffice but greater frequency may be desirable in cases where a greater level of intensity is evident. Sessions will generally be approximately 50 mins.  This may be extended by agreement between us. Sessions are conducted face to face and may be augmented by interim telephone or internet contact.


SUPERVISION is a process intended to support other counselors and psychotherapists in the execution of their work.

However, many individuals within other helping professions for whom supervision is not mandated, also benefit greatly from regular supervision/mentoring of their own process in relation to their work. For example nursing staff, teachers, speech therapists have been amongst my supervision clients and I am happy to offer such services to others with similarly demanding roles in the community.

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I offer a free 15 minute telephone discussion as a preliminary consideration of your concerns.

The possible relationship between us will be the strongest indicator of a successful outcome for you. To ensure an easy and successful introduction I offer a Complimentary, Initial Introductory Appointment to help us assess how we each feel about continuing to work together.

Availability of appointments considers the needs of the individual, as well as my own time constraints. However, I work a flexible time table within which workday, out of hours and Saturday appointments are possible.